The Revolutionary GTF Engine

Pratt & Whitney's GTF™ engine, with its revolutionary geared fan technology, is transforming aviation by delivering game-changing economic and environmental performance.

The GTF engine has met all performance specifications since entering into service, achieving up to 20% reduction in fuel burn, 50% lower regulated emissions and a 75% smaller noise footprint.

The engine's fan-drive gear system is just one component of this next-generation engine. The GTF engine also incorporates advances in aerodynamics, lightweight materials and other major technology improvements in the high-pressure spool, low-pressure turbine, combustor, controls, engine health monitoring and more.

The GTF engine is powering the next-generation of efficient, sustainable air travel, allowing airlines and airports to open new routes and fly more people, farther, with less fuel – and much lower noise.

Progress to Date

  India Global
185 920+
IndiGo and GoAir 50+
700K+ 2.0M+
Fuel Saved
450M+ liters
120M+ gallons
1.5B+ liters
410M+ gallons
Dollars saved
₹17B+ INR
$240M+ USD

₹59B+ INR
$820M+ USD

CO2 Avoided
1.1M+ metric tonnes
4.0M metric tonnes
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